One of the smaller towns on the continent of Notruta, it is inhabited exclusively by the draconic Spellscales. Because of the unique spells that the Spellscales have invented, it has become a spot for Wizards and Sorcerors to pick up new and unique spells. It has a large wall enhanced by magical barriers just in case any of their spells go awry. They were forced to build the wall by the neighbouring city of Natchdale after an experimental Golem charged out of the city and destroyed an entire housing district. It has a population of a little less than 200, since there are very few spellscales on this world.

Notable Bulidings

The Library at Tibur

Tibur’s library was commissioned and is now run by its only non-spellscale citizen, Ana-Lii Belacqua the human bard. When she was younger, she went on many adventures, gathering stories and myths from all over the known world. When she reached her forties, she decided that she was done adventuring and used the money that she had gathered to build a library in her hometown of Tibur. It is now the known world’s largest collection of stories, and bards from all over go there for new materials. There is a room in the back of the library for adventurers to stay in- if they can give her a story she has never heard before.

The Tibur Magic Item Shop

Tibur’s magic item shop sells some of the best and most innovative magic items known. They refuse to take gold, though. Instead they take colored tickets that have been scattered across the known world. Some of the smaller or one-use items are sold for gold, as well as weapon enchanting. A great stop for adventurers to get a bit of an edge!


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