Nortruta’s capitol city, Natchdale is a port city built around one of the Nortruta Spider Rivers. Split evenly in half, the citizens of the city use this river as a class boundary, with a single bridge closing the gaps. The northern half of the city is the home to the nobility and wealthier members of the population. It is full of high-end shops and nice eateries. Known residents of the northern half are the Ladies Fire and Amalthea. The southern end is a little worse, but not the worst place in the world. A large majority of the population live in the southern part of the city.

Notable Buildings

The Medusa Right as you cross the bridge from the northern part of the city to the southern, the Medusa is the first tavern you will see. It has proven to be a good mingling ground between the common people and any nobles who want to “slum it” for the adrenaline rush or change of scenery. Ran by the beautiful, yet tough, Arikana, this small tavern is the home of frequent Three-Crowns tournaments, a very popular game of chance among both nobles and commoners of Natchdale.

The Mahershalalhashbaz A little more southward than the Medusa, this tavern is known as one of the most dangerous places in the city, because it is the home to most of the shadier dealings in the town, including the Mercenary’s Order. It’s barkeep, Tal, spends more time drinking than serving drinks, but nobody bothers. That keeps him from poking his nose in other people’s business.

Notable People Lady Brigade- The current ruler of the city Lady Fire- A very kindhearted noble that frequents the Medusa Lady Amalthea- A mysterious noblewoman that hails from Imperia. One of Lady Fire’s friends Top O’Starlight- The current three-crowns champion Xinro- The head of the Mercenary’s order Hyena- A mercenary who left the order. Very cunning and deadly Inspector Phantasmagore- The head of the royal inspectors

Notable Events About three years ago Lord Jarl, the ruler of the city, and his Fiancee Lady Lodfa went to the Medusa for a friendly Three-Crowns tournament. He made his way up to the champion at the time, Keylaleigh. After he beat her hands down, they went outside the tavern to get some fresh air. Lady Lodfa followed them. After a few minutes they didn’t come back inside, and one of the other competitors went out to check. There was Keylaleigh, standing over the bodies and holding a bloody knife. Keylaleigh vanished before the Inspector could arrive, and nobody has seen her since.


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